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NORIEL Bet Josef International Norway is what we call our base in Norway. Bet Josef is an open house for everybody who are in love with Israel and are interested in our "business" which is our mission towards Israel and Norway. Study our projects in and our products in

Shalom - All the Best from us here in NORIEL Bet Josef Int. N - Ingfrid and Oddvar.



NORIEL is a non profit organisation with the following  international interests:

1: Exchange of contact between Norway and Israel.

2: Evangelizing through messianic congregations and local evangelists.

3: Promote import, sale and use of israeli products.

4: Help the jewish/israeli people to seek their homeland in Israel.

5: Support the jewish/israeli people in their exclusive right to eretz Israel, in their right to be a people and in their first right to the Gospel brought available for everybody through Jeshua Messiah and The new Covenant.

6: Arrange tours for single persons and groups to Israel and other in our context actuel places.

7: Give information and meetings, especial about what is mentioned above, but also, within and outside Norway and Israel, to preach the Word from God of Israel for revival, surrendering, salvation and eternal Life.


The name NORIEL is always written in big letters. It contents Norway/Israel/God (NOR/I/EL).

It also is meant to invite norwegian, northern, norw.american, far you want to go..., friends of Israel from outside Norway to stay together with us in this important challenge that we have been given. Especially those who have norwegian roots, but, shortly spoken, friends of Israel from whereever in the world.

The hebrew meaning of the word NORIEL is light from God.

One motto that we have is: Restore the fallen hut of David.

This because we experience today that The Lord is restoring Jerusalem and the fallen hut of David.

For this spesific work He calls upon his people -The Friends of Jesus - to join in.



The logo is the cross of Yeshua in the middle of the star of David resting upon the ring of faithfullness from YHVH.

NORIEL is written with letters on the ring. NORIEL comes from the same root as menorah, or, the hebrew word of light. The menorah is the earlier symbol of the israeli nation, the star of David is the later. The inscription INRI is moved from the cross to the star. The explanation is that Jeshua is not any more on the cross. He rose from death according to the scriptures on the third day, and left again this earth for some time. He will one certain day be back visible on earth, but He is the King of Israel, He is the King of Kings. The ring symbolizes God YHVH as the husbond. The one that has invited and given the promises. He is eternal, faithful and He Is trustable. We look forward to see His plan fulfilled.

NORIEL, POBox 244, 4892 Grimstad, Norway.